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The headrest and Headshade Combo!DON'T SMOTHER UNDER A TOWEL!

Enjoy the view, the breeze, and the shade with the beach comfort headrest and headshade.

The headrest and headshade will provide the comfort and convenience that you are looking for and is perfect for the beach or any outdoor activities such as, camp grounds, soccer field, baseball diamond, parks, lakes and or any vacation destination.

The Headshade combo provides a very comfortable headrest along with protection from the damaging rays of the sun.

The Headshade combo is lightweight, compact, and easy to take along on any outdoor activity.

Great for reading, sleeping, tanning and relaxing.

Convenient sun protection while it fits in your pocket when folded as well.

Green HeadrestAvailable in the following colors, black, white, pink, purple and green.

You will find on our products page a number of options to choose from. With offerings of our headrest and headshade combo's you will have color options such as black, white, pink, purple and green to choose from.

You will also have the option to purchase what we call our combo set. That is, a headrest and headshade an all in one and in the color of your chocie.

Vacation rentals - Negril Jamaica and the Hamptons located in New york on Long Island!The Headshade combo is lightweight, compact, and easy to take along on any outdoor activity. It is so convenient that when folded it fits in your pocket.

The assembly of the headrest and headshade is easy and can be viewed on our "How To" page.

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